The Reynolds name was built in the coding and identification field, and we are still the leading supplier when it comes to putting information on to your product.

There are many technologies to put a mark on your product, and Reynolds offers them all. From printing a code directly onto the product with a contrasting coloured ink (Inkjet Technologies), etching into the product to produce an indelible code (Laser Coding), or using a high resolution printhead to transfer a large code onto a label or film (Thermal Printing Technology), Reynolds has the solution to fit your needs.

Inkjet Technology

Inkjets printers are still the most widely used method of coding onto products, and for good reason. With multiple technologies within the 'inkjet' domain, Reynolds never pushes one type of printer, but instead always works with you to choose the best option for your coding needs.

Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ)

Designed for small character printing, CIJ printers can print at incredibly high speeds. Printing from one to six lines of text, with characters ranging from 1.8mm (up to six lines) to 20mm (single line only), and with inks to suit every substrate, the CIJ has become a staple printer for batch and date coding on to end-user products. Think best before dates on milk bottles, batch numbers on honey pots, etc.

Drop-on-Demand Printers (DOD)

Built for the toughest of environments, while also sitting very comfortably in clean rooms, DOD printers have a larger print than CIJs. Example applications include a small date of 7mm on the bottom of a can, a large logo of 70mm on planks of wood, and printing product details on the side of cartons.

Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ)

Aimed at high resolution (600 x 600DPI) coding requirements, with a maximum print height of 50mm with a single unit, the TIJ claims its own place in the world of inkjet printers. Aimed at porous to semi-porous substrates, with inks available for non-porous substrates as well, the TIJ printers can print text, high quality single coloured pictures, and logos with ease.

Impulse Inkjet (PIJ) High-Resolution Printing

The ability to not only code the required information on to a carton but also the full artwork, truly makes PIJ coders a unique printer for today's industry. Giving the option to do away with pre-printed boxes (specific to certain products/product ranges) provides a significant saving in logistics, stock, and print; this is where the PIJ truly shines. With units that can print up to 50mm high, and its bigger brother printing up to 100mm high, all in 192DPI (vertical), the PIJ is specifically created for plain cartons.


Laser Coding

Laser coding technology has moved ahead steadily. Previously considered suitable only for the highest volume and fastest lines, today it has reached price and performance points that render it suitable for a much wider range of operations. While the range of substrates that are suitable for coding with laser is more restricted than inkjet, for the right applications it offers big benefits in performance and cost of ownership.

CO2 Laser

CO2 lasers are the workhorses of the laser coding field, delivering crisp, sharp codes at high speeds onto most packaging substrates. Reynolds offers a range of high quality CO2 lasers from Linx, from low cost 10 watt units for less demanding applications, through to 120 watt systems for super high speed and high volume lines.

Fibre Laser

Fibre lasers offer more “punch” than CO2 lasers, and can be used to mark metals and other materials that CO2 lasers struggle to deal with. They can also produce even higher resolution images, perfect for applications that call for very small, discrete codes such as security and anti-counterfeiting applications.


Thermal Printing Technology

Thermal transfer printing is a mature and well-proven technology. Reynolds supplies thermal transfer printing solutions for all applications, from small desktop label printers to high speed on-line systems for printing onto continuous webs and everything in between.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO)

Also known as continuous film printing, TTO printing offer a versatile production line solution for a variety of print requirements and substrates.

Desktop Label Printers

Designed for true industrial applications where reliability, flexibility and lowest cost of ownership are far more important than saving a few extra dollars on the price of the printer.

Print and Apply Labellers

Ever a popular solution, label printers and applicators are an area of specialty for Reynolds Group.

Desktop Printers

Reynolds supplies and services the full range of desktop printers. Zebra are a global leader in desktop label printing technology, with a full portfolio of solutions covering everything from basic entry-level label printing through to fully mobile wireless and RFID solutions.

  • Wide range of systems for every application.
  • Cost-effective solutions for low-volume applications.
  • Excellent ease of use.
  • Wide variety of accessories and options.

With such a large range, contact us today with your needs and we can help select the most appropriate Zebra solution for you.