Reynolds provides IS consultancy, project management and software development services to companies wanting to automate, integrate and control their production lines.

Our solutions cover ERP/MES integration, line control and monitoring, real-time production dashboards and metrics, product identification data management solutions, and more. Our experienced team works across all common technology platforms, to deliver bespoke or out-of-the-box solutions that work for your business.

ERP Integration Solutions

Reynolds has extensive experience delivering end-to-end integration of production-line coding, inspection and verification systems into MES and ERP systems.

The iDSNet platform from Matthews delivers a complete suite of ERP integration tools; everything from code management, verification and complete automated line set-up, through to full real-time ERP integration, production management tools and performance metrics.

Used by hundreds of leading companies, iDSNet is available as iDSNet Express, a solution targeted at smaller manufacturers, while also fully upgradeable to iDSNet Enterprise and iDSNet Manager, a complete customisable platform for large scale ERP integration and production management.

  • ERP integration: connect your business, manufacturing or warehouse systems to your production line coding equipment, delivering increased process and quality control.
  • Product database integration: the correct code is placed on the correct product at the correct time, saving you valuable resources in re-work.
  • Full product traceability: all levels of packaging coded with iDSnet are stored in a database to enable QC reporting and daily production reports.
  • Shop floor integration provides a proven reliable interface where it is needed the most — on the production floor — your operators easily select the correct message and receive feedback on equipment performance without the need for a PC on the shop floor.
  • Comprehensive production and fault reporting tools.