Detecting and eliminating metal contaminants is an essential component of quality control in the food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing operations.

Reynolds offers a range of metal detection and separation options, with systems to meet the needs of almost any operation.

Metal Detection

Reynolds represents Sesotec (formerly S+S), one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of inspection, separation and sorting systems.

Sesotec systems are used in process, packaging, and production lines throughout industry and in the specialised preparation of materials for recycling.

Sesotec have been designing and manufacturing quality inspection systems since 1976, and continue to undertake all design and manufacturing at their German headquarters in Schönberg.

Their range of metal detection solutions include:

Tunnel Detectors

Suitable for a range of products, tunnel detectors can be supplied as stand-alone units or integrated into fully automated separation systems.

Freefall and Liquid Detectors

Free-fall metal separators and pipeline scanners for liquid products provide versatile and effective contamination removal solutions for bulk products.

Magnetic Separation

Passive and semi-active magnetic metal separation systems for the removal of ferrous metal contamination from bulk product flows.

Specialist Solutions

From glass and plastic separation to inspecting plastic products for metal contamination, a range of specialist solutions are available.