Reynolds supplies complete product palletising and de-palletising systems, as well as automated pallet handling and delivery solutions.

We represent leading German technology suppliers and also build bespoke solutions for specialist applications, with particularly cost-effective solutions for low volume small pack palletising.

We deliver complete turn-key solutions, including pallet delivery, loading, wrapping, strapping, and labelling.

Palletising / De-palletising Robots

Automated product palletising can transform the productivity of a production line, while also eliminating a significant health and safety concern.

Traditional, large 6-axis robotic systems are now giving way to simpler, lower cost technologies that are also more flexible.

From low-speed, low-volume solutions that pick, pack, label and stack your product, through to large, high-volume, multi-lane solutions for 24/7 operation, Reynolds has a palletising solution right for you.

Pallet Handling

Reynolds can offer complete solutions for pallet handling, including:

  • Pallet stacking/de-stacking.
  • Pallet shuttles for moving empty and full pallets around your factory.
  • Pallet conveyor lines.
  • Robotic palletising systems.
  • Pallet wrapping and labelling.