Product handling ties all the elements of a complete end-of-line solution together. The ability to quickly and accurately transport, manoeuvre and present your product is vital for any automated solution.

Over more than 25 years, Reynolds has developed extensive engineering capabilities in product handling. From simple product orientation, through highly complex labelling systems, to fully robotic product handling solutions, we have the capability to tie all the technology together and make it work seamlessly.


Coding, labelling and product inspection all require solid product presentation to be effective. From this starting point Reynolds has developed extensive capabilities in automated product handling and presentation.

Our engineers design robust, built-for-purpose solutions that go the distance and deliver real return on investment.

  • Product orientation and alignment.
  • Sorting and separation.
  • Product gating and routing.
  • Motion control and sequencing.
  • Product aggregation.
  • General process automation.


Fully robotic solutions are increasingly the most economic choice for more complex product handling applications, and can often deliver rapid payback in direct cost savings.

Reynolds is a Certified Solution Partner for Omron Adept robots.

Omron Adept robots are high quality systems specifically targeted at individual product unit handling applications, and include high-performance vision and product tracking systems suitable for high volume applications.

  • Full range of robots for most applications.
  • High precision and repeatability.
  • Highly cost-effective delivering excellent payback.
  • Excellent range of vision and product tracking solutions.
  • Fastest-in-class pick-and-place robot.
  • Reynolds offers full site engineering services for installation.


Reynolds designs and manufactures highly specialised conveying systems for custom applications in labelling, coding and product inspection, and also works with a range of partners for general conveying and product routing, delivering the best technology for every application.

We can design and deliver a complete turnkey solution for your end-of-line, from product packing through to the warehouse.

Pallet Handling

Reynolds can offer complete solutions for pallet handling, including:

  • Pallet stacking/de-stacking.
  • Pallet shuttles for moving empty and full pallets around your factory.
  • Pallet conveyor lines.
  • Robotic palletising systems.
  • Pallet wrapping and labelling.

Palletising / De-palletising Robots

Automated product palletising can transform the productivity of a production line, while also eliminating a significant health and safety concern.

Traditional, large 6-axis robotic systems are now giving way to simpler, lower cost technologies that are also more flexible.

From low-speed, low-volume solutions that pick, pack, label and stack your product, through to large, high-volume, multi-lane solutions for 24/7 operation, Reynolds has a palletising solution right for you.