Robot technology has developed rapidly in recent years, with prices coming down and performance going up.

From fully robotic systems to collaborative robots (also known as cobots), we have solutions for every size of operation and every industry.


Fully robotic solutions are increasingly the most economic choice for more complex product handling applications, and can often deliver rapid payback in direct cost savings.

Reynolds is a Certified Solution Partner for Omron Adept robots.

Omron Adept robots are high quality systems specifically targeted at individual product unit handling applications, and include high-performance vision and product tracking systems suitable for high volume applications.

  • Full range of robots for most applications.
  • High precision and repeatability.
  • Highly cost-effective delivering excellent payback.
  • Excellent range of vision and product tracking solutions.
  • Fastest-in-class pick-and-place robot.
  • Reynolds offers full site engineering services for installation.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Reynolds is a certified Systems Integrator of Universal Robots, world leader of amazingly versatile and cost-effective cobots (collaborative robots).


Cobots give companies access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation, with none of the extra costs associated with traditional robot programming, set-up, and safety cells. This makes robotic automation even more accessible for SME’s, small-batch production runs, and other setups where robotics would otherwise be too expensive, or impossible due to the need for personal to operate within the work zone.


Robotic Grippers & Effectors

With the OnRobot One System Solution you can deploy a complete range of cutting-edge gripping and sensing technologies, regardless of the robot platform you are using.  OnRobot collaborative applications make automation accessible and profitable for all sizes and types of manufacturers.

The OnRobot One System Solution is a game changer that dramatically simplifies automation. You only need one system, one training, one relationship, but you get every tool you may need, compatibility with the robots you choose, and virtually unlimited possibilities for collaborative applications.

With an electronic quick changer built in, simple programming, and easy installation, OnRobot grippers save time and get your production up and running quickly. Everyone saves time and money and can quickly realize the benefits of collaborative automation.