Wood is a wonderful, renewable resource that’s worked into a wide range of different products and materials. From lumber for construction to advanced laminates, pulp and paper to pallets, such a diverse range of applications call for a diverse range of solutions.

With decades of experience working with customers in the timber and wood industry we understand the challenges you face, such as high line speeds and demanding, hot and dusty environments. Reynolds Group supplies some of the largest wood processors in New Zealand with solutions that have to work 24/7, often in brutal conditions.

We offer solutions for every stage of the timber value process, including wood printing, branding and marking solutions, automated labelling, grade and compliance marking and advanced 2D barcode track-and-trace systems.

One of the most common solutions we deliver for timber mills is large character drop on demand (DOD) inkjet printers. DODs are excellent for timber marking, plasterboard printing and printing on pallets as they are highly robust and easily withstand the dust and vibration typical of timber applications. They also print at speed which is crucial for meeting the requirements of high throughput timber operations and have very low total cost of operation.

Another common technology we supply for dressed timber applications is Thermal Inkjet (TIJ). Offering high speeds and very high resolution coupled with low capital costs, TIJ is excellent for high resolution branding and graphics onto dressed timber but does have a much higher cost per print than DOD.

With the Matthews MPERIA controller we can combine multiple printing technologies into one unique solution that meets your specific needs. For example, a DOD printhead can be used to perform the bulk of your coding, taking advantage of its durability and low running costs to handle the working environment, while a high-resolution thermal inkjet head (TIJ) can perform the high-resolution printing required for your branding . This gives you the best of both worlds – high resolution where you need it, and lowest possible overall running costs. Everything is managed through the easy to use touch-screen interface of a single MPERIA controller.

No matter what your challenge Reynolds Group can engineer a complete coding and automation solution that meets the needs and budget of your timber business. Speak to our team today to find out more.

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