Reynolds Now Universal Robots Integrator

March 28, 2017 Industry Trends, New Products, News

Reynolds is now a recognised Solution Integrator for Universal Robots. UR is the world’s leading innovator of collaborative robots (“cobots”), the next generation in robotic technology. UR robots are designed to work alongside people, automating repetitive or awkward tasks, in a highly flexible manner. UR robots can be rapidly redeployed for any manner of task, and are often used as an “extra pair of hands”.

While traditional industrial robotics focuses on raw speed and performance, and requires significant engineering in installation and safety guarding, UR robots can work alongside humans in many applications without the need for safety cells. The robots are able to sense contact with external objects and react appropriately, meaning they really can be used right alongside staff. The simple and versatile teaching system makes setting up UR robots to conduct new tasks fast and easy. Also, the UR range is well priced, making flexible robotic automation available to businesses when it was previously cost-prohibitive; investment paybacks can be amazingly short!

If you would like to find out more about the UR range and how Reynolds can help improve your productivity and bottom line, contact us today!