Automated FroYo Factory – Reynolds at FTPT 2018

October 15, 2018 Industry Trends, News, Promotions

Reynolds was once again a crowd favourite stand at Foodtech Packtech 2018 with an automated FroYo factory!

Deciding again to forgo a static stand, Reynolds presented yet another interactive show. Crowds of people gathered around to watch as visitors would place an order for frozen yoghurt. But it was not just the free treat that caught the crowds attention.

Visitors were first given a choice of Vanilla, Blueberry, or half-and-half. Optional caramel and chocolate sauces were then offered to sweeten the deal. The order was then sent to the “FroYo Factory”. Upon receiving a new job the UR5 picked a paper cup, and rotated it around a MPERIA coder to print the visitors name. After being moved to a filling position, the UR3 activated a lever to pour out the frozen goodness. The next stop was beneath two sauce guns which fired out the sweet toppings. This completed the order on demand. The dessert then slid down a ramp, and was conveyed through a check weighing metal detector. A third cobot then caught and waved the cup past a Linx 8900 printer to apply the finishing touches. Finally, the treat was gently presented to the eager recipient to take and enjoy.

Using multiple technologies integrated together, Reynolds' stand represented a much larger line.

If you are interested in any of the applications above, or would like to more about how Reynolds can benefit your business, call us on 0800 263 464 or click here.

Stay tuned to see what Reynolds will be serving next!

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