Automating Labelling Solution for Boutique Cheese Manufacturer

Reynolds is pleased to announce that it has won and commissioned a top and bottom Print & Apply labeling solution for a Canterbury based boutique cheese manufacturer.

Due to increased growth, and product demand, a Canterbury based, boutique cheese manufacturing company needed to automate their labelling process by simultaneously applying a top label, and a Print & Apply bottom label to thermoformed cheese portion packs. The bottom print and apply label needed to incorporate production batch number, use by date details, and have the capability to include individual product nutritional information. With the packs coming out of the Thermo former as either 1 row of 2, or 4 packs, the solution incorporated a singulator to ensure individual products are presented for labelling correctly. The final solution included a singulator, a split belt conveyor to allow access for the top mounted Novexx XLS204 labeller, and a bottom mounted Novexx ALX924 Print & Apply labeller.

Reynolds Group, innovative approach, expertise, and engineering capabilities provides another successful solution. To find out more about our Print & Apply labelling solutions, Contact us today.



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