Collaborative palletising robots enable you to automate your palletising application without the need for safety cells.

With their significantly reduced footprint, collaborative palletisers offer you a mobile, cost effective solution to your palletising needs.

RZF10 Low Footprint Palletising Robot

Palletising Solution

Automate your palletising application with the RZF10, a low footprint, mobile and co-working palletising solution that’s ideal for low to medium volume production lines with payloads under 10kg.

The RZF10 is a truly mobile solution as it utilises co-working robots with integrated force-feedback, making safety cells unnecessary in most applications. This allows you to quickly shift the entire unit with a pallet trolley or forklift and simply dock at different production lines as needed.

Pre-installed with easy-to-use palletising software, the RZF10 gives you complete control of your palletising. Its simple and intuitive GUI lets you design your own layer patterns and pallet stacks that can then be uploaded to the robot.

The RZF10 is compatible with our full range of robot arm grippers. Each gripper comes with a built-in electronic quick changer that make programming and installation simple and easy. This ensures the RZF10 is instantly deployable, so you can get your production up and running without delay.

Opportunities for further automation of the RZF10 are also available to create a complete palletising solution that takes your production to the next level, through integration with our conveying, carton & pallet labelling and inspection systems.


  • Co-working robot arm with integrated force-feedback
  • Handheld teach pendant
  • Compatible with our full range of robot arm grippers
  • Intuitive palletising software
  • Robot arm extension kit for increased operating range
  • Delivers payloads of up to 10kg
  • Flexibility - Simply lift the unit with a pallet trolley or forklift to and place where needed