Reynolds provides IS consultancy, project management and software development services to companies wanting to automate, integrate and control their production lines.

Our solutions cover ERP/MES integration, line control and monitoring, real-time production dashboards and metrics, product identification data management solutions, and more. Our experienced team works across all common technology platforms, to deliver bespoke or out-of-the-box solutions that work for your business.


Data Management Software

TRACE-it from NOVEXX is a fully integrated software solution for central data and process management. It optimises labelling and identification processes in manufacturing companies across many different industries – whether it be marking of single products, packages or entire pallets.

  • Centrally manages all printing and labelling processes, through an integrated database with an interface to your ERP and MES systems.
  • Managing a wide variety or printers and coders from a single software environment – irrespective of the printer technology, manufacturer and device type.
  • Design and deployment of all labelling information along the entire production chain is centrally managed through one single tool.
  • Flexible, adaptable and scalable.

With TRACE-it you can leverage your existing investment in label design and print management software, such as TEKLYNX CODESOFT, or other label design platforms, to build much more advanced management and control solutions for your production line, with real-time feedback and monitoring.


Label Design

iDSnet is a next generation software solution with the power to transform your business. By integrating all of your coding, labelling and other end of line packaging equipment, such as vision systems, checkweighers and scanners, iDSnet delivers a more streamlined operation with quick changeovers, validation and error detection. 

With industry standard open connectivity, iDSnet allows you to integrate your coding, labelling and validation into your existing SCADA system to have truly centralised control.

By centralising the product database, iDSnet ensures the correct code, such as a barcode, datecode or batchcode, is always placed on the correct product at the correct time and that the correct packaging or artwork is in use. Because all coding, labelling and other devices are networked back to a central database, product changes are achieved down an entire production line with only one simple operator action. It’s completely seamless.

iDSnet can also use the Ignition platform to deliver OEE metrics across the production line. Ignition is a scalable software like iDSnet that can expand to become a true MES solution if your production environment doesn’t already have one.

Benefits for your business

  • Improve efficiency with quick changeovers and uptime with better equipment monitoring
  • Simpler integration with existing systems and equipment with industry standard connectivity
  • Eliminate rework due to code errors with central changeovers and message selection, checking packaging integrity and data validation
  • Quicker and easier changeovers, simple interface and reduced chances of errors
  • Reduce rework and recalls, improve your bottom line
  • More visibility, real-time data access and OEE reporting


Label Design

SENTINEL saves time and prevents errors by eliminating unnecessary manual processes by centralizing and integrating your printing system with your business systems. Once it is configured, SENTINEL requires little to no manual maintenance.

SENTINEL offers:

  • Integration with multiple systems and multiple printers across your enterprise environment.
  • Little to no manual management software support, reducing the burden on your IT staff.
  • The ability to print to multiple printers on your network at one time.
  • Prioritization for print jobs in a complex printing environment.
  • Unrestricted data capture - If you can send label software data to SENTINEL, the application will print it. SENTINEL can read virtually any type of text-based flat file, parse the data, and print it.
  • Secure backups through duplication of all configuration data, giving you a secondary server to rely on during upgrades or scheduled maintenance.