With fibre lasers it is possible to code onto metals, ceramics and many hard-to-code plastics.

High power means fibre lasers can deliver much faster throughput than CO2 lasers in many applications.

Fibre lasers have a beam size that is an order of magnitude smaller than for a CO2 laser, meaning the power is concentrated into a much tighter spot. This gives fibre lasers a level of “punch” similar to YAG lasers, but in a far more economic, compact and low-maintenance package.

Linx FSL

High Power Fibre Lasers

The Linx FSL fibre lasers deliver YAG-like power and punch in a far more compact, economic and low-maintenance package. Available in 20W and 50W models, the FSL lasers open up laser coding for applications that were previously uneconomic or technically infeasible with CO2 coding lasers.

With a smaller spot size than YAG lasers, the FSL range delivers very high resolution, with crisp, sharp codes.

The FSL laser coders are air-cooled, and come in a compact and flexible two-box package. The IP54-rated marking head can be configured with a variety of lens options to suit any application.

  • Available in 20W and 50W variants.
  • High resolution coding onto difficult-to-mark substrates.
  • Wide range of lenses and marking head options.
  • Compact two-box configuration for easy and flexible installation.
  • Energy efficient and super-low maintenance.