Reynolds represents NOVEXX labellers in New Zealand.

Around the world, NOVEXX is a name synonymous with quality and innovation in labelling – NOVEXX (ex-Avery) are inventors of the self-adhesive label!

NOVEXX labelling equipment is designed and built in Germany to meet the most exacting standards of performance and ruggedness.

NOVEXX ALS30x Series

Label Applicators

The ALS30x series label applicators are designed for more demanding applications, especially where high speeds, very wide labels, or continual processes are involved.

Features include a modular design which allows the labeller to be upgraded with new features as and when they are required, like a second unwind mandrel to facilitate rapid changeovers with a splicing table. The modular design also means service operations can be conducted ‘offline’ whilst a backup module is fitted, which is a consideration for high volume customers.

The ALS30x range has very high precision label placement, owing to the push-pull effect between the two main modules (the apply unit and powered rewind unit) which produces very high acceleration rates and therefore very accurate following of the production line speed.

With label widths up to nine inches wide and labelling speeds up to 60 metres a minute the ALS30x series meets more demanding application requirements, yet can still be quickly retro-fitted to production lines, packaging machines and existing labelling systems.

  • Available in 150mm (6″) and 233mm (9″) label widths.
  • Maximum dispense speeds up to 60m/min.
  • Label placement accuracy to +/- 0.5mm.
  • Modular construction with hot-swappable modules for maximum production uptime.
  • Single or twin label-unwinders with 400mm maximum roll diameter.
  • Massive range of applicator accessories, mounting kits and interfacing options.
  • Legendary NOVEXX reliability.

NOVEXX XLS2xx Series

Label Applicators

The XLS2xx series label applicators are the most value-dense labellers available because they combine very high performance specifications with an ultra-reliable design, and at an incredibly attractive price. Whether you use narrow or wide labels or work in humid or dry environments, our reliable labeling systems provide excellent labeling performance and dispensing accuracy.

Features include ergonomic levers and handles which are colour coded, high IP rating (up to IP65), dynamic unwind mandrel, in-built web server for remote administration, and an optional remote control panel.

The XLS2xx series labellers meet most application requirements and can be quickly retro-fitted to production lines, packaging machines and existing labelling systems in need of an upgrade.


  • Available in 100mm (4″), 150mm (6″) and 230mm (9″) label widths.
  • Combines extreme robustness with high performance
  • Designed for demanding use in continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Large display with intuitive menu navigation
  • Easy Push Rewinder for easy and fast removal of label material
  • Modular concept for easy integration into existing production line
  • Top, side or bottom labeling through three different fixing options
  • Dispensing edge can be rotated up to 90° for even more flexible labelling