NOVEXX is a name recognised globally for quality and innovation.

Reynolds is proud to distribute the full range of NOVEXX label applicators, and can configure a high performance, cost-effective solution for virtually any application.


1:1 Label Printer and Applicator

As the most compact label print & apply system on the market, the XPA can be flexibly integrated into any of your existing product lines. With its small footprint and lightweight body, it is possible to mount the XPA in any conceivable position on your production line (top, side, bottom labelling). A range of options such as larger label unwinders and special applicators ensure the XPA meets your exact needs.

The XPA delivers outstanding print results even at high application speeds and labels your products in real-time. Available in 4”,5” or 6” print widths the system is excellent for labelling products, cartons and pallets.

This is the first generation of NOVEXX printers and applicators to host a powerful new web interface that allows you to easily manage your print jobs. The user-friendly interface gives you control of your printer from any PC, mobile device or industrial panel, enabling you to remotely run setup, monitor diagnostics and maintenance.

Constructed from high-quality components including a robust metal frame and strong thread inserts for extra stability the XPA has the proven reliability and durability that comes with all NOVEXX systems. The XPA is also designed without a fan to prevent dust admission, allowing it to operate in even the harshest environments.

  • Range of label and print widths: 4″ 5” 6″.
  • True 1:1 label printing and application.
  • Perfect print quality & high-precision application.
  • Extra compact for easy integration into any production line.
  • 100% tool-free maintenance.
  • Ribbon Save feature to greatly reduce ribbon usage on sparse labels.
  • Automatic settings of print head values.
  • Large intuitive display.
  • Web interface for remote access and configuration from any PC or mobile device.
  • Quick and easy change of label and ribbon material.
  • Robust metal housing and fan-free design for reliable use in harsh environments.


High Speed Label Printer and Applicator

High volume requirements need a powerful, efficient and reliable label print & apply solution. Built for heavy industrial use the ALX 73x series meets those needs with accuracy and speed.

When investing in a high volume label print and apply (LPA) system, both lifetime and acquisition costs need to be considered. NOVEXX developed the ALX 73x series taking into consideration this total cost of ownership and reviewing lifetime costs such as downtime, maintenance, consumables and wear and tear, to create the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

The NOVEXX ALX73x series have annual costs up to 50% lower than competitive solutions and therefore significantly reduce your payback period for the system. Plus, the ALX73x comes standard with NOVEXX’s amazing reliability to help you reduce downtime in production.

The ALX73x range can print and apply labels at speeds up to 50m/min in standard configurations and, with the addition of optional applicator accessories, can apply at even higher speeds. The wide range of interfacing and communication options makes the ALX73x a breeze to integrate into your production line, and the huge range of mounting and orientation options make it the most versatile LPA in its class.

  • Choice of 4″, 5″ or 6″ print width.
  • High-speed label application up to 50m/min, faster with optional applicators.
  • Modular design allows hot-swappable servicing for maximum production uptime.
  • Single or twin unwind units with optional splicing table.
  • Advanced near-edge printing technology gives super-crisp print and ribbon-saving features.
  • Can optionally write and apply RFID labels.
  • Wide range of interfacing options.
  • On-board web server for simple configuration and management.


1:1 Label Printer and Applicator

The NOVEXX LPA81x uses LightSmart Technology which eliminates wasteful backing paper material when printing carton and shipping labels.

Compared to conventional pressure sensitive labelling with backing paper and standard label lengths, the LPA81x offers significant bottom line benefits through increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

The LPA81x differs from conventional pressure-sensitive label applicators. The LightSmart material arrives coated on the reverse with a non-tack adhesive. Information is printed onto the material and labels are automatically cut to the desired length. The adhesive backing is then activated through infrared heat, causing the LightSmart label to become sticky after the print and cut stage. The sticky label is then applied.

Environmental advantages
  • No backing paper production.
  • No backing paper waste.
  • Less material to transport.
  • Increased production line uptime, due to typically 60% more labels on roll.
  • Reduced operator workload due to fewer and easier roll changes.
  • No backing paper waste handling and associated costs.
  • Flexible label length maximising material use.
  • Reduced material and ribbon resulting in lower consumable costs.

Underside Labelling System

High Speed Label Printer and Applicator

Specifically designed to offer flexibility, the Underside Labelling System (USL) is ideal for top and bottom labelling of trays and cartons of various sizes, shapes and surfaces.

This USL provides a core platform that is easily configured to meet the needs of your application by allowing for any configuration of both Novexx XPA93x print and apply labellers and Novexx XLS2xx labellers.

The system combines two labellers in total, one mounted above the conveyor to apply top labels to your product and a second fitted below the conveyor applies bottom labels through the split-belt. By combining both steps of your top and bottom labelling processes into one, the USL ensures you minimise the production time required for your labelling application.

Not only does the USL deliver high flexibility but, it also performs in harsh environments. The duel split-belt conveyor is constructed from stainless steel and is IP rated for hygienic washdown. While the use of XPA93x and XLS2xx labellers bring the proven reliability and durability that comes with all NOVEXX systems.

Key Features

  • A highly flexible solution that allows for any configuration of Novexx XPA93x and XLS2xx
  • Duel split-belt conveyor system
  • Stainless steel construction
  • IP rated for hygienic washdown