For high speed, high volume and really tricky labelling applications, rotary labelling systems are the solution.

Reynolds has been the New Zealand partner of Impresstik labelling systems for nearly 20 years.

Impresstik Rotary

Rotary Label Applicators

Impresstik primary labelling systems have an unrivalled reputation for quality of design, build and performance. Just ask an Impresstik owner: Reynolds has never sold an Impresstik to a customer who has then gone and purchased a different brand of labeller. That is a statistic that speaks for itself.

With Impresstik rotary labelling systems, labels can be applied from six independent webs, meaning the front, back, neck, shoulder, medallion and full wrap labels can all be applied in a single pass, at rates up to 1,000+ products per minute.

With fully automatic interchange stations available Impresstik rotary labellers are true continuous process labellers, with very high operating efficiency rates. Product changeovers are made particularly easy because of snap-in/out change-parts and PLC set-points; Impresstik rotaries are hard to beat for maximising production time.

Available in mechanical and servo-driven models, turrets and applicators are separate modules, making expanding or upgrading your system in the future a breeze. Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia these labellers are particularly relevant for New Zealand and Australian producers and are designed to meet safety standards for both countries.