Four-axis linear robots are able to perform many of the end-of-line functions typically associated with five- and six-axis articulated robots, but with a much lower cost of ownership.

Unlike traditional articulated robots, linear robots are able to service multiple production lanes and palletising points. They have large payload ratings relative to their cost, larger effective working areas, and can be readily modified and adapted for different applications. Additional axes can be added to the tool system when required.

roTeg PARO

Palletising Solution

roTeg PARO robots deliver performance, versatility and lower total cost of ownership for palletising applications when compared to five- and six-axis articulated robots.

The roTeg PARO is a highly versatile robot that can be readily adapted to new tasks. The modular design allows a swap-over of gripping tools for different applications, while both the horizontal ground axis and the vertical axis can be exchanged by modules of different effective lengths without any difficulty, enabling your robot to grow or shrink as future requirements dictate.

The roTeg PARO features a standardised and universally applicable gripper flange, to which both custom grippers and the entire range of roTeg grippers can be mounted.

The complete machine is designed for long life and is also suitable for adverse conditions. All moving parts are zero or very-low maintenance, with all standard service operations able to be performed by your own engineering staff.