Sesotec offers an extensive range of passive and semi-active magnetic metal separation systems for the removal of ferrous metal contamination from bulk product flows.

From simple manual magnet systems to fully automated self-cleaning systems, whether you are processing powders or liquids, Sesotec is sure to have the right solution for you.

Sesotec MAGBOX

In-line Magnet for Free-fall Applications

These high quality, high performance magnets assure the efficient separation of the smallest ferrous and magnetised stainless steel contaminants.

With minimum installation height and customer-specific design, the MAGBOX is easy to integrate into existing piping with little or no modification required.

Minimal maintenance and outstanding ease of cleaning guarantee efficient and economic operation.

The MAGBOX is available in either Standard or Easy Clean versions, which allow for quick and easy cleaning with full removal of all particles, and enable easy CIP. A special AUTOCLEAN version of the MAGBOX provides automatic cleaning and removal of ferrous contamination without operator intervention, perfect for high up-time continuous process manufacturers.

  • Outstanding magnetic power with up to 13,700 gauss.
  • Efficient separation of fine ferrous metal contaminations.
  • FDA compliant version.
  • Outstanding ease of handling and cleaning.
  • Easy integration in pipeline systems.
  • Certified for ATEX Zone 20 application.
  • Sturdy design in 316L grade stainless steel.


Filter Magnet for Liquid and Pasty Products

Sesotec LIQUIMAG filter magnets are specifically designed and built to remove even the tiniest magnetic metal particles from many different kinds of liquid and paste products.

With a wide variety of connection options and super simple cleaning process, the LIQUIMAG is the ideal choice as a first line of defence against ferrous contamination in pumped products.

  • Separates smallest magnetic metal contamination (including slightly magnetised stainless steel).
  • For pressure pipelines with up to 6 bar as standard (optional: >20 bar).
  • Certified for ATEX Zone 0.
  • Most powerful magnetic flux density (13,700 gauss).
  • Versatile connection possibilities.
  • Optimal separation result without pressure drop.
  • Also suitable for the inspection of pasty media and products containing solids.
  • Suitable for CIP/SIP.
  • FDA compliant version available.