Continuous manufacturing environments demand performance systems.

Impresstik in-line labellers are full-featured, high-end systems designed to meet the needs of the most demanding operations.

Impresstik In-line Labellers

High Speed In-line Label Applicators

Starting with a standardised base system, every Impresstik is purpose-built for your application. Practically any system configuration is available, including speciality models for handling light-weight empty containers such as milk bottles.

Reynolds Group have a large installed base of Impresstik labellers with dairy, beverage, juice and water bottlers in New Zealand, and with more than 1,000 systems installed world-wide Impresstik has an unrivalled reputation for quality – just ask any Impresstik owner.

Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia these labellers are particularly relevant for New Zealand and Australian producers and are specifically designed to AS/NZS safety standards.

  • Super-high quality, designed for the most demanding customers.
  • Wide range of base systems customised for each application.
  • Available with fully integrated touch-screen PLC controls.
  • Production rates in excess of 250+ units per minute.
  • Wide range of safety features.
  • Designed and built in Australia.