Parallel robots are closed-loop mechanisms presenting very good performance in terms of accuracy, velocity, rigidity and ability to manipulate large loads.

Parallel robots use multiple computer-controlled limbs to support one common platform or end effector. Compared to serial robots, parallel robots generally have higher precision and dynamic performance and can there be applied to many tasks and industries.

Adept Hornet

High Speed Parallel Robot

The Hornet 565 is a parallel robot for high speed picking and packaging applications.

The powerful controls are fully embedded into the base of the robot, saving valuable floor space and reducing installation costs and complexity. It features a hygienic design that minimises contamination risks, including a standard IP65 rated work area and corrosion resistant materials for easy wash down.

The Hornet 565 includes a complete robot packaging solution with integrated high speed conveyor tracking, powerful vision guidance, and easy-to-use application software created specifically for the packaging market. The robot can be programmed directly from a PLC, minimising training and deployment time by using familiar ladder logic programming languages.

  • Hornet 565 requires no external control electronics, with all amplifiers and controls fully embedded into the robot.
  • Extended vertical reach allows for a 0.36m3 (12.7ft3) workspace, enabling a wider variety of packages to be used.
  • 0.32 second cycle time enables higher product throughput and reduces cost per pick.
  • Industry-leading conveyor tracking capabilities allow for <5mm repeatability at all conveyor speeds.

Adept Quattro

Ultra High Speed Parallel Robot

The Omron Adept Quattro robot is the only parallel robot in the world with patented features and USDA acceptance for meat and poultry processing.

The Quattro parallel robot excels at high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly, and material handling. It is the only parallel robot (or "delta robot") in the world with a patented four-arm rotational platform, delivering maximum speed, maximum acceleration and exceptional performance across the entire work envelope. Ultra compact controls and embedded amplifiers improve footprint efficiency while simplifying installation.

The high speed, precision and overhead-mount features of the Quattro robot make it the perfect choice for flexible and fast packaging, material handling, kitting, and assembly.

  • Patented four-arm design.
  • Robust components and design.
  • High resolution, absolute encoders.
  • High efficiency, low inertia drives and lightweight arms.
  • 8kHz servo update rate yields high accuracy, superior slow-speed following, and easy calibration.
  • Integrated temperature sensors monitor heat in servo motors to prevent damage.
  • Diagnostic display on robot enables faster troubleshooting.
  • Quattro S650HS model is USDA accepted for primary food handling.
  • Up to 15kg payload capacity, depending on specification.
  • Up to 1,600mm reach and 500mm Z-axis depth, depending on specification.

RG6 Gripper

Robot Tooling

The RG6 gripper can be combined with the Dual Quick Changer module. The Dual Quick Changer operates with the same principles as the Quick Changer module. However, the Dual Quick Changer is designed to enable the use of two end-of-arm tooling grippers (EoAT) at the same time, allowing, e.g., a RG2 gripper and a RG6 gripper to be used simultaneously.

Our unique robot end-of-arm tooling gripper helps you maximize the use of your robots. With the Dual Quick Changer installed, production time is reduced, because more work pieces are being handled simultaneously. Overall, the Dual Quick Changer will approximately increase production efficiency by 50%.

  • Large Stroke : Automatically detects the stroke at program start without initialization. The maximum grip stroke of the RG6 is 150 mm (adjustable).
  • Grip Indications: Automatic "lost grip detection", "grip detected", "continuous grip" and "measure width" detections remove the need for manually programming these features.
  • Customizable Fingertips: The fingertips of the gripper can be easily customized, fitting the product shape for stable gripping.
  • Automatic Tool Center Point Calculation (Tcp): Automatic calculation of TCP eliminates the need for extensive programming in addition to reducing the deployment time.
  • Automatic Payload Calculation: Automatic payload calculations simplify the programming of the RG6 gripper.
  • Automatic Depth Compensation: Automatic depth compensation ensures the gripper’s fingers sweep in parallel across work surfaces.
  • Integrated Software: The gripper comes with pre-integrated software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up.
  • Tüv Certified: Both the RG2 gripper and the RG6 gripper are TÜV certified.