With decades of experience, Reynolds understands print and apply labelling like no other.

There’s a lot more to successful print and apply solutions than just adding a print module to a labeller, which is why NOVEXX print and apply applicators are purpose designed, with full RFID tag writing and reading options as well.

If you demand reliability, production uptime, and maximum value from your investment then talk to the experts at Reynolds.


1:1 Label Printer and Applicator

The ALX92x print and apply labellers feature a high-speed 64-bit processor and real 1:1 label printing, making them ideal for applying labels that contain product-specific and real-time information like contents, price, weight, grading or nutritional information.

The labeller can operate in ‘wipe-apply’ mode at speeds up to 24 metres per minute, with faster speeds and stationary product labelling possible by utilising one of a range of ‘blow-on’ and ‘touch-on’ applicators.

After application, the label is retracted so that printing of the subsequent label can cover the whole label area, unlike some printers which have an unprintable area. This print-while-apply mode means that each label can be customised for the particular product to be labelled.

The ALX92x range is also capable of writing to and applying RFID labels. The near-edge print technology simply ‘jumps the bump’ over the RFID chip, making sure that it is not damaged, giving a highly reliable label applicator and RFID applicator in a single package.

  • Range of label and print widths from 4″ to 6″.
  • True 1:1 label printing and application.
  • Ideal for GS1-128 and other product identification applications.
  • Industry-leading 64-bit processor means lightning fast label image generation.
  • Advanced near-edge print technology provides super-crisp printing and ribbon saving modes.
  • Can optionally write and apply RFID labels.
  • Wide range of interfacing options.
  • Onboard web server for simple configuration and management.


High Speed Label Printer and Applicator

High volume requirements need a powerful, efficient and reliable label print & apply solution. Built for heavy industrial use the ALX 73x series meets those needs with accuracy and speed.

When investing in a high volume label print and apply (LPA) system, both lifetime and acquisition costs need to be considered. NOVEXX developed the ALX 73x series taking into consideration this total cost of ownership and reviewing lifetime costs such as downtime, maintenance, consumables and wear and tear, to create the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

The NOVEXX ALX73x series have annual costs up to 50% lower than competitive solutions and therefore significantly reduce your payback period for the system. Plus, the ALX73x comes standard with NOVEXX’s amazing reliability to help you reduce downtime in production.

The ALX73x range can print and apply labels at speeds up to 50m/min in standard configurations and, with the addition of optional applicator accessories, can apply at even higher speeds. The wide range of interfacing and communication options makes the ALX73x a breeze to integrate into your production line, and the huge range of mounting and orientation options make it the most versatile LPA in its class.

  • Choice of 4″, 5″ or 6″ print width.
  • High-speed label application up to 50m/min, faster with optional applicators.
  • Modular design allows hot-swappable servicing for maximum production uptime.
  • Single or twin unwind units with optional splicing table.
  • Advanced near-edge printing technology gives super-crisp print and ribbon-saving features.
  • Can optionally write and apply RFID labels.
  • Wide range of interfacing options.
  • On-board web server for simple configuration and management.