For smaller scale production, economy in-line labellers provide excellent value for money.

Reynolds offers out-of-the-box systems from NOVEXX as well as our own custom-built solutions.


Low Cost In-line Labellers

Novexx VBLS labelling systems represent outstanding value for money, without compromise on quality. Available in coated steel or stainless steel construction, VBLS labellers utilise the same componentry as our high-end ALS labellers, including NOVEXX applicator heads, but in a cut-down package that is ideally suited for simpler, lower through-put applications.

While not as modular as the ALS range, the VBLS labellers can still be upgraded to a degree, and if your needs really change in the future Reynolds can utilise most core components in the build of a new ALS system, saving you significant money.

The VBLS models are all based on an open-frame design, which also makes them ideal for compact systems that need to be moved around.

For simple single label or front-and-back bottle labelling, basic top labelling, or labelling of round or square jars and containers, the VBLS delivers performance and reliability at an attractive price

  • Quality labelling solutions at an economy price.
  • Available with coated steel or stainless steel chassis.
  • Range of configurations to suit most in-line applications.
  • Open frame construction well suited to critical hygiene environments.
  • IP-rated options available for wet or harsh environments.

Underside Labelling System

High Speed Label Printer and Applicator

Specifically designed to offer flexibility, the Underside Labelling System (USL) is ideal for top and bottom labelling of trays and cartons of various sizes, shapes and surfaces.

This USL provides a core platform that is easily configured to meet the needs of your application by allowing for any configuration of both Novexx XPA93x print and apply labellers and Novexx XLS2xx labellers.

The system combines two labellers in total, one mounted above the conveyor to apply top labels to your product and a second fitted below the conveyor applies bottom labels through the split-belt. By combining both steps of your top and bottom labelling processes into one, the USL ensures you minimise the production time required for your labelling application.

Not only does the USL deliver high flexibility but, it also performs in harsh environments. The duel split-belt conveyor is constructed from stainless steel and is IP rated for hygienic washdown. While the use of XPA93x and XLS2xx labellers bring the proven reliability and durability that comes with all NOVEXX systems.

Key Features

  • A highly flexible solution that allows for any configuration of Novexx XPA93x and XLS2xx
  • Duel split-belt conveyor system
  • Stainless steel construction
  • IP rated for hygienic washdown

Reynolds Custom Labellers

Custom Labelling Solutions for any Application

When it comes to more difficult or unusual labelling problems, Reynolds is your “can do” partner. Our design and engineering teams will fully scope your application with you to produce a custom design that meets your exact requirements, and then build and deliver that solution to the highest quality and performance standards.

Over the decades Reynolds has developed custom labelling solutions for a wide range of niche applications, so don’t be surprised if you find we already have a solution for your needs. Of course, it may need some custom modification to suit you exactly, but here at Reynolds that is what we are all about – the exact solution.

From tricky pharmaceutical applications to applying A4-sized labels to drums, and from labelling random shaped cheeses through to applying barcodes to timber at 200 metres per minute, Reynolds has just about seen it all. If you have a tricky labelling application then please get in touch – we love a challenge!

  • Standardised Reynolds solutions for specific applications.
  • Completely custom designs for your unique requirements.
  • Build to to your site standards.
  • Basic solutions to PLC-controlled systems with full MOM integration.
  • Integrate coding, weighing and inspection systems into a single solution.
  • Turn-key systems, or Reynolds can deliver component solutions for integration into complete processing systems.
  • Designed and built in New Zealand by Reynolds.
  • The comfort of knowing your custom solution will be supported by New Zealand’s leading labelling experts.