From separating glass or plastic materials, to detecting metal in plastic products or whole logs, Sesotec provides detection solutions that have been developed to meet specific industry needs.

The following systems have been developed specifically for recycling operations, plastic manufacturers and sawmills.


Glass Separator

The VARISORT X glass separator has been specially developed for the fully-automatic separation of heat-resistant glass, lead glass, or tableware with a minimum of product loss.

  • Applicable to plastics, metal, and electronic waste recycling.
  • Consistent and effective detection and separation.
  • Maximum product purity guaranteed.
  • Modular design facilitates customer and application solutions.


Polymer Separator

The VARISORT N utilises multiple spectrum analysis based on reflected light to separate out-of-specification contaminants from plastic material flows. High quality, high purity plastic fractions are the result, ready for subsequent processing.

The VARISORT N is typically deployed by plastics recyclers and plastics processors where product sorting and/or decontamination is required.

  • Separates different types of plastics.
  • Consistent and effective detection and separation.
  • Modular design facilitates customer and application solutions.


Inspection of Plastics for Metal Contamination

In plastics processing plants, conveyor belts with integrated metal detectors are used for the protection of comminution machines such as cutting mills and shredders.  The conveyor belt systems of the PLASTICON series have been specifically designed and built for this purpose.

The PLASTICON system inspects piece goods or bulk materials (moulded parts, blow-moulded parts, reject parts, sprues, etc.) for metal contamination.

Lateral guides with brush seals prevent small parts from getting under the conveyor belt. When a metal is detected the conveyor belt is stopped or reversed.

A range of different metal detector units can be used depending on the required scanning sensitivity and the height of the material on the belt.

  • Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations, even if such contaminations are enclosed in the product.
  • Reduces costs caused by machine damage and production losses.
  • Guarantees product quality.
  • Complete solution from one source.

Sesotec LICON-HX

Metal Detection System for Log Inspection

The LICON-HX metal detection system comprises the LIGNUM-HX tunnel metal detector and a heavy-duty conveyor belt to provide a complete solution for wood processors.

The LICON-HX detects driven in nails, shell splinters, cramps, projectiles, broken hooks, or grown in broken chain links. It is usually integrated in the conveyor line between the log feeder and saw.

The metal detector features outputs for controlling marker systems, separating units and cut-off saws depending on the application needs.

  • Detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metals.
  • Minimum metal-free zone due to Sesotec RZ technology, reducing total length and facilitating integration into existing systems.
  • Components are specifically designed and developed for the requirements of the sawmill industry.