Thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology provides a simple, cost-effective printing solution that provides high quality print with low service costs.

TIJ systems can be used on a variety of substrates and are particularly suited to carton coding applications.

Reynolds supplies high quality TIJ solutions from both Linx and Matthews, with a range of scalable solutions to suit most applications.

Matthews MPERIA L-Series


The Matthews MPERIA platform is a complete, integrated solution for managing your coding requirements across the entire factory floor. From a single user interface you can manage and control coding at all production points, across a wide range of different coding technologies.

The Matthews VIAcode L-Series coders bring the performance and economy of thermal inkjet to the MPERIA platform. As you would expect from Matthews, the L-Series printheads are robust, purpose-built industrial units designed for high volume, heavy duty use. Available in a range of print heights from 12mm to 50mm, heads can even be stacked for larger print areas.

For high volume applications, bulk ink supplies are available, which also enable faster print speeds and longer cartridge life. Matthews have applied their expertise in ink manufacture to produce a range of inks for every application, including both porous and non-porous surfaces. Being based on the MPERIA platform you can easily add and change printheads, or even mix and match different coder types (such as DOD or Impulse) at any time to suit your changing needs. Your investment is protected into the future.

  • Industrial TIJ solution for printing onto a wide range of substrates.
  • Print up to 50mm high at 300dpi with a single printhead.
  • Stack printheads for even larger print areas.
  • Bulk ink supply systems for uninterrupted production.
  • Scalable solution for one printhead or many.
  • All the benefits of the Matthews MPERIA coding platform.