Sesotec tunnel detectors represent the leading edge in current generation metal detection systems.

The following products can be supplied as stand-alone detectors or integrated into fully automated separation systems.

Sesotec have been manufacturing metal detection and separation equipment for nearly 40 years, and their track record for performance, reliability and return on investment is a testament to the quality of their design and engineering.

Sesotec GLS Metal Detectors

Tunnel Metal Detectors for Piece or Bulk Materials

The GLS range are closed detection head units with rectangular openings, mainly used to analyse bulk material on conveyors or material chutes, and individual piece goods on conveyors.

They detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even if enclosed in the product. On detection of metal, a signal device and a separation system can be activated or a signal can be sent to process control.

The closed design of the detector guarantees high metal sensitivity. Consequently, the GLS range is mainly used for highly precise detection tasks (e. g. in the food industry).

  • Optimal detection and highest precision of metal detection in all areas of the detection head.
  • Password-protected system log and menu controlled validation system for HACCP, IFS and BRC conforming quality monitoring.
  • Offers perfect adaptability to customer-specific requirements (200 different coil sizes to choose from).
  • Available with multi-frequency technology for increased flexibility and sensitivity.
  • Design in stainless steel with protection grade IP 65 (higher protection grade on request).
  • Can be delivered as a complete unit with conveyor and separation system.

Sesotec C-SCAN Metal Detectors

Multi Frequency Metal Detectors for Piece or Bulk Material

Sesotec C-SCAN GHF metal detectors are primarily used in the food industry mounted on conveyor belts, inclined slides or other product transport systems.

They detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metals (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel), regardless of where the contaminant is within the product.

The C-SCAN range features HML multi-frequency technology as standard, delivering new levels of sensitivity and selectivity. A wide range of interface options are available, including Ethernet, WLAN or serial interfaces. A standard IP65 rating can be increased up to IP69K for the harshest environments.

With over 200 tunnel sizes to chose from, the Sesotec C-SCAN can be delivered as a complete solution with integrated separation system, or as a stand-alone detection head for ready fitting to an existing detection point on your production line.

  • Standard HML multi-frequency technology optimises product compensation.
  • Optimised detection performance throughout the whole detector head.
  • Enhanced signal analysis logic, optimised for stainless steel.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface with large 5.7″ full colour touch panel.
  • Hygienically designed housing protected to IP65 (IP66 and IP69K also available as an option).
  • Available as a detection system solution with conveyor belt and reject unit.
  • Also available with brushed surface finish or in 316Ti stainless steel.


Multi Simultaneous Frequency Tunnel Metal Detector

The Sesotec INTUITY has the highest metal detection performance due to multi-simultaneous-frequency technology. It reduces faulty rejects of products due to high mechanical stability and high interference immunity; largely insensitive to vibration, impacts, and temperature fluctuations.

The closed design of the INTUITY metal detector offers hygienic easy to clean, no-dirt-collection edges, with easy and safe operation.The advantage is a very high metal sensitivity throughout the complete tunnel area which is why this metal detector is used for high precision in the food industry.

INTUITY metal detectors can be combined with conveyor belts including various types of reject units (air-blast nozzles, pusher, reject slide, etc.) and supplied as turn-key systems.